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Hey! Welcome to Surf’SUP Colorado. Your adventure awaits! Who doesn't want to live a life they can feel stoked about? And we all know getting outside in our great state is how that happens. For us, there is no better way to get outdoors than Stand Up Paddleboarding. At Surf’SUP Colorado, we have been providing the state's largest selection of stand-up paddleboards and accessories for the last decade.

Surf'SUP Colorado was launched in February, 2011 by John Poppleton with a small trailer, a dozen SUP boards, paddles, PFDs and a passion for Stand Up Paddleboarding. After a few summers of renting paddleboards and a growing interest in the sport from the surrounding community, John and his wife Lori opened the storefront in Morrison, CO where Surf’SUP still lives. During the summer of 2015, Nathan and Mindy Heimer started renting boards from Surf’SUP which also lead to a love and passion for the sport. They bought their first SUP in 2016 and the rest is history! In October of 2020, John and Lori retired and Nathan and Mindy acquired ownership of Surf'SUP Colorado.

Surf’SUP Colorado has always been more than a retail/rental store, it's a place to belong! The love of people and passion for the sport is truly what drives us. At Surf'SUP you can always expect great customer service, expertise, and a warm smile as you walk through the doors. You are not just our customer, you are a part of an incredible community of paddlers where you are known and seen! So, if you’ve been thinking about getting into paddleboarding but don’t know where to go, stop in the shop! Let us help you get set up with the right gear and knowledge, then live that stoked life you have been dreaming of out on the water. Don't miss out on an adventure wondering if you have the right gear. Instead, be a part of the Colorado stand up paddling community, and have the adventure of a lifetime. Stay Stoked!