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Welcome to Stoked Yoga! We're so happy you're here. Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself that you were created to be. We care about your whole being:

-We want you to be physically strong so you can live a long and happy life
-We want you to be emotionally strong so you can endure the storms life throws your way
-We want you to be spiritually strong so you feel whole, complete, and know your purpose.

The craziest part? We can do all of that through yoga classes. We can't wait to journey with you as you live A Stoked Life!



Class Descriptions:
Morning FlowGet your day started right with a Stoked Yoga Morning Flow. This class is designed for all levels and will leave you feeling energized and ready for the day!

Evening FlowHow’s your week been? Ready for a moment to unwind from the workday? Welcome. We’ve created this space just for you. Join us Tuesday nights from 6-7pm for an Evening Flow. Open to all yogis at all levels, this class will help wind your day down and get you ready for the rest of the week.

Feeling flustered as you look towards the week ahead? Grab your mat and your journal and head to Yoga + Intention. We'll work our way though a Stoked Yoga Flow with extra time at the end for reflection and intention setting. We love doing yoga with you, but we also want you to live A Stoked Life by putting the things you learn into practice off your mat. Equipment needed: yoga mat, water bottle, and a journal

Stoked Yoga Community ClassJoin Stoked Yoga for a donation based Community Class at FPC Golden, Broomfield UMC, and Surf'SUP Colorado. At Stoked Yoga - everyone belongs and leaves class inspired, uplifted, and encouraged through divine transformation. Donations are accepted in person at class, but please register ahead of time.




Stoked Yoga offers its students a place to develop their yoga practice and experience a divine transformation that inspires them to live out the Gospel in their everyday lives.

  • Stoked Yoga is a place where you will belong before you believe.

  • Stoked Yoga cares about the whole self: Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit

  • Stoked Yoga is a community. You will be known, will know others, and will discover more about who God created you to be.

  • Stoked Yoga is for everyone whether or not you’ve ever been on a paddleboard

  • Stoked Yoga is so STOKED! We live up seeking out adventure everyday, but your down days are welcome too.

Holy Yoga - Holy Yoga is exactly as it sounds - 100% Jesus and 100% Yoga. We unroll our mats each week and open ourselves up to the teachings of scripture and learn how to live a more whole and complete life alongside God. You can learn more at