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Welcome to A Stoked Life! We're so happy you're here.
Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself that you were created to be. We care about your whole being:

-We want you to be physically strong so you can live a long and happy life
-We want you to be emotionally strong so you can endure the storms life throws your way
-We want you to be spiritually strong so you feel whole, complete, and know your purpose.

The craziest part? We can do all of that through fitness classes. We can't wait to journey with you as you live A Stoked Life!


REFIT - REFIT is a fitness experience where every body belongs! We combine cardio and strength movements alongside energetic music to create an experience that will leave you wanting more. Come check it out! Learn more at

Holy Yoga - Holy Yoga is exactly as it sounds - 100% Jesus and 100% Yoga. We unroll our mats each week and open ourselves up to the teachings of scripture and learn how to live a more whole and complete life alongside God. You can learn more at

Yoga - Join us for a fun and sometimes challenging Yoga Flow! This practice is designed to get your body moving, get your heart connected, and lift your spirit as we move, breath, and meditate. 

Coming Soon:
SUP Yoga On Demand Classes
Holy Yoga and Yoga with Weights (both live and On Demand)