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Why do you paddle?

Why do you paddle? 

We paddle because It’s relaxing

It’s a way to find stillness in our busy world

We paddle to challenge ourselves - there’s always something to learn

We paddle because It’s fun! 

We paddle to take a breath, just for a moment. 

We paddle to find peace - the kind of peace that’s bigger than anything we can understand. 

We paddle because it’s life giving not taking. 

We paddle to face our fears and come out stronger on the other side

We paddle because it’s a way to reconnect with creation and the creator. 

To get to know ourselves better.

We paddle to build strength - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. 

We paddle to answer the call to be on the water - on a lake, river, or ocean. 

We paddle to live each day with a sense of adventure - to finally find that stoked feeling of being ALIVE

We paddle because we belong.

And it’s a place where you belong, too

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to live A Stoked Life.