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Surf'SUP Report, May 1, 2017

John paddles out for a SUP surf session at Uvita, Costa Rica, on April 26, 2017 on the new GLIDE Retro 10'6".

John was in Costa Rica for 8 days in April to set up some sweet SUP surf retreats for next Fall. Stop in at the SUP Shop to talk story about your past adventures and your future plans. Now is the time to get ready for your next trip or the 2017 SUP season. Don't just dream about a SUP trip, plan it and make it happen. We went to Australia for two weeks in February. And we have booked two weeks in Kauai for the end of the year for more of Hanalei Bay's sweet waves. Would you like to join us in Costa Rica this Fall for a week of SUP surfing and adventure? Let us know if you are interested as we are making plans now. And we are only a 16 hour non-stop drive to San Onofre if the urge for some wave time simply becomes unbearable. We might even hang a "gone surfing" sign in the SUP Shop window and join you.