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SUP Rentals available NOW!

Join us for Floating Fun on the 4th of July! Access to a lake with NO CROWDS? Sign me up! Get your ticket below!

SUMMER 2024 - Rentals at Rueter-Hess Reservoir

Rueter-Hess Reservoir is located just west of Parker. This reservoir has incredible views of the front range and 30 feet of visibility in the water! It's pretty hard to find that at the other lakes and reservoirs around town. Only hand powered water craft is allowed on the lake, so you don't have to worry about wake knocking you down. There's plenty to explore here at Rueter-Hess!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to purchase your parking permit online from Douglas County before your arrival at Rueter-Hess. No parking permits will be sold at the entrance!  You can purchase your permit HERE. You will also be sent the link in your confirmation email after you select your rental with us. Have a friend joining you who owns their own board? Great! They can paddle at Rueter-Hess as well! A board inspection will be done by the Park Rangers to help keep the water quality great. We suggest carpooling to the reservoir since parking is limited. Planning on fishing? Fishing permits are available through Douglas County ONLY. A regular Parking Permit does NOT give you access to fishing. 


Rental Hours:
Sundays 9am-5pm

Rental Prices:
1 Hour SUP Rental - $30
2 Hour SUP Rental - $45
Half Day SUP Rental (4 Hours) - $70

1 Hour Single Person Kayak Rental - $30
2 Hour Single Person Kayak Rental - $45
Half Day Single Person Kayak Rental (4 Hours) - $75

1 Hour Double Kayak Rental - $40
2 Hour Double Kayak Rental - $55
Half Day Double Person Kayak Rental (4 Hours) - $80 

The Pedal Pontoon Boats are perfect for a day of family fun or on your next fishing adventure! These boats accommodate 4 riders and use of a PFD for each rider. We recommend the 2-4 hour option to give you plenty of time to explore the reservoir!

1 Hour Pedal Pontoon - $60

2 Hour Pedal Pontoon - $110

4 Hour Pedal Pontoon - $200

8 Hour Pedal Pontoon - $390


1 Hour V Hull Boat - $40

2 Hour V Hull Boat - $70

4 Hour V Hull Boat - $130

8 Hour V Hull Boat - $250

Pick-Up Rentals at Surf'SUP Colorado

Surf'SUP Colorado offers a variety of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards and Inflatable Kayaks for pick-up rentals at our SUP shop for those who want to paddle at a location of their choice. 

Pick-Up Rental Rates

$ 40 for 1 board, for Half Day (4 hours)
$ 60 for 1 board, for One Day (full 24 hours)
$ 90 for 1 board, for Two Days (48 hours)
$ 120 for 1 board, for Three days, extra days at $20 per day.

SUP Service package includes an in Shop lesson/orientation, a premium GLIDE, Badfish, or SIC/BIC SUP board available in a wide range of sizes and styles (including Kids, All-Around, Yoga, and Touring models), an adjustable paddle, leash, and SUP specific MTI personal flotation device (aka life jacket).

Pick-Up Kayak Service Rates 

$ 45 for 1 Person Kayak/ $ 50 for 2 Person Kayak, for Half Day (4 hours)
$ 65 for 1Person Kayak/ $ 70 for 2 Person Kayak, for One Day (24 hours)
$ 95 for 1 Person Kayak/ $ 100 for 2 Person Kayak, for Two Days (48 hours)
$ 125 for 1 Person Kayak/ $ 130 for 2 Person Kayak, for Three Days, extra days at $20 per day.

Kayak Service package includes an in Shop lesson/orientation, an AquaGlide Kayak, kayak paddle, dual action hand pump, and MTI personal flotation devices (aka life jacket).

Rental times are during Store Hours which vary throughout the season. If you're planning on getting to the lake early or need the paddleboard before our store opens, please book a One Day (or longer) Rental and schedule it for the day before at the latest time available. That way you can wake up and go as early as you'd like and stay at the lake until the end of the day. This option is the best option for maximum time on the water! 

Please note: If the rental equipment is not returned by the agreed upon time, you will be charged $60/day/piece of equipment until it is returned. If the equipment is not returned, you will be charged the full amount of the board and equipment. 


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding our products or services. We look forward to meeting your Stand Up Paddleboarding needs!