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RSPro Paddle Blade Edge Saver Jumbo


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RSPro Paddle Blade Edge Saver, The Best Protection for your expensive carbon fiber paddle blade


• Protect the edge of your paddle blade, and just forget about scratches and nicks.
• Pack of 2 RSPro Edge Savers: protection for 2 paddle blades. Perfect for kayak paddles and for protecting 2 SUP paddles.
• Keep your paddle blade looking new.
• Colourful at the edge (pick your color) and transparent at the blade.
• High impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight.
• Optimized size for any paddle in the market.
• Super-easy installation. Pre-cut and allows repositioning while installing.
• Won't yellow over time.
• Does not affect water flow.
• Designed & manufacturer in Barcelona, Spain.


• 2 Edge Savers of 3’ x 0.7" elastic 300 micron PU for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight.
• Colorful at the center (pick your color), with the RSPro logo at each side, and transparent at the blade.
• UV resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive.
• Pre-cut for super easy, fast and reliable installation.

Installation Instructions: Video