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Redeemed With Purpose

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Redeemed with Purpose exists to raise awareness on this fact and to empower consumers to make a difference through their shopping choices. 

Our business started in 2017 with redeeming belts and turning them into cuffs. We loved the symbolism and the reminder that lives can (must) be redeemed from sex slavery. We have expanded from there offering a variety of styles while keeping the message the same.

As a business our goal is provide a way for consumers to give back while receiving the product that they love. When YOU purchase Redeemed we give away 50% of net proceeds, on your behalf, to carefully chosen frontline charities devoted to redeeming lives. 
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Hoop Earrings with Crystal Beads


Japanese Wood Style Earrings


Matte Cooper Dust Filled Thai Bangles


Matte Silver Dust Filled Thai Bangles


Metallic Wood - Gold


Metallic Wood - Silver


Stormy Monday Vinyl Heishi Bracelet


Sweet Matte Hair Clips


Vine Metal Hair Clip