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Badfish iSK8 River Surfer

Badfish Inflatable SK8 River Surfer 5'9 X 26" X 2.75

Badfish Inflatable SK8 from Badfish on Vimeo.

We’d spent 10 years building the world’s most innovative river surfing boards before we applied that experience to an inflatable surfboard and created the I-SK8. The I-SK8 is the perfect board for someone learning to surf river waves but don’t mistake it for a pool toy: the I-SK8 was built to perform. Pack it on your next raft trip and hunt up a hidden wave, or just let the kids play in the eddy. The I-SK8 is a whole new tool for fun!

•  Dimensions: 5' 9" x 26" x 2.75"
•  Board Weight: 15lbs
•  Rider Capacity: 60lbs-200lbs
•  Construction: PVC Inflatable Drop Stitch
•  Warranty: 3-Year Warranty

•  Removable Tri-Fin (2 tab click fin)
•  Backpack Board Bag (Surf)
•  Dual Action Pump

•  EXO Skeleton Construction
•  Slim Offset Handle For Surfing
•  River Surfing Specific Rocker