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GLIDE Quest 2017


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GLIDE SUP Quest 2017, Touring Style Stand Up Paddleboard. Now in three sizes, 12-6, 11-6, 10-6.

The Quest was designed for those who have to see what is beyond the next bend. The Quest is a fast sleek board, designed for touring. Spend your morning cutting through glass at your local lake or exploring the world beyond the horizon. The GSS coating will withstand damage caused by rocks, oyster beds, or hidden dangers.

Our touring board, this board excels on flat water as a cruiser, racer, or sightseer. Want to know what is behind the next bend? Get there on a Quest. Paddling away from an angry Bear, this board has incredible speed. What is your Quest?

Length: 12-6   Width: 30"   Thickness: 7"  Volume: 280L   Weight: 34 lbs

Length: 11-6   Width: 29"   Thickness: 7"  Volume: 260L   Weight: 32 lbs
Length: 10-6   Width: 28 1/2"   Thickness: 7"  Volume: 240L   Weight: 30 lbs


Made in the USA in GLIDE's state of the art Salt Lake City manufacturing facility.

  • Patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating allows you to paddle uncharted waters
  • FCS 'easy carry' handle reduces fatigue caused from carrying the board
  • Included with the Quest is the 9" FCS dolphin fin
  • Gear tie downs on the nose for additional supplies
  • Displacement hull for stability and volume
  • Self regulating vent plug for maintenance free thermal venting
  • Non-slip deck pad allows for optimum traction in all conditions
  • USDA biomass certified Entropy resin reduces our impact on the environment and waterways