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GLIDE SUP Surf 9-6

Style: SUP Surf GSS

Price:  $ 1,299.00 
Out of Stock
GLIDE SUP Surf 9-6 Epoxy

This custom limited edition Stand Up Paddleboard is made by the craftsmen at GLIDE SUP in Salt Lake City. 

SPECS: Length: 9-6   Width: 32"   Thickness: 5 1/16"  Volume: 185L   Weight: 18 lbs

This board is magic. It’s unlike any SUP you have ever seen and it will make a surfer out of you.
The board is stable, paddles out over waves easily and best of all it catches any wave, once on the wave it will tear them up. If your new to surfing or looking for a one board quiver this is your board.


Made in the USA in GLIDE's state of the art Salt Lake City manufacturing facility.

  • Matte race finish helps break surface tension for a faster glide
  • Classic shape for beginner and intermediate use
  • Glide exclusive Kick Pad integrated into our non-slip deck mat
  • USDA biomass certified Entropy resin helps limit our impact on waterways and the environment
  • FCS 2 + 1 setup with FCS II fins and 9" dolphin fin
  • Self regulating vent plug for maintenance free thermal venting
  • FCS 'easy carry' reduces hand fatigue
  • Stringer less construction for lighter weight
  • Glide sharp edge rail technology
  • Stringer-less EPS with triple 6 oz top and double 6 oz bottom Hexcel construction for light weight durable performance