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Maui & Sons Soft-Top SUP 11-0


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CREED SUP Maui & Sons Soft-SUP 11-0

Beautiful soft top stand up paddleboard. One of the best looking, best performing soft SUPs on the market. Great for first timers, Yoga, kids, rough terrains, rentals, and loaners.  A very stable hybrid board.  It surfs, and it cruises flatwater equally well.  Big fun to be had in Maui and Sons classic style, without breaking the bank. Jump on it, drop it, flip it, mis-treat it, and it keeps on going. The MS Soft-SUP is the new standard for performance, style, and price in the soft SUP niche.  

Product Description 

• HD EPS Core
• XPE deck
• Maui and Sons high def graphics. Maui and Sons continuously churns out the best art in the "biz", and the Soft-Sup is no exception. 
• EVA Re-enforced Tail

Specs:  • Length: 11'  • Width: 30.5"  • Thick: 5"  • Weight: 27 lbs  • Volume: 200 L