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Stand Up Paddleboards by GLIDE SUP

Glide Paddlesports has been creating the most durable, high performance boards in paddlesports since 2010. Our unique construction coats the EPS and fiberglass core with our patent pending GSS. This polymer layer will withstand impacts far beyond normal use, while still maintaining a lightweight profile. With hand designed shapes to cover any style of paddling, Glide boards out perform and drastically outlast other brands in a market that’s trending to quality and longevity. Whether you are a casual paddler or a passionate participate, Glide’s performance and durability will keep you cruising through lakes, oceans, and rivers whenever the water is calling.

  • Inspired design
  • Finished in the USA
  • Versatile product line
  • Ultra Durable
  • Unparalleled performance
  • Outstanding value


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Glide Quest 12'6" 2020


GLIDE Retro 11.6


GLIDE Mongo 9'


GLIDE Keiki 8'4"



$599.95 $999.95