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Gecko Waterproof & Floating Phone Dry Bag


Waterproof and Float iPhone/Mobile Phone Dry Bag
No longer worry about dropping your phone into the lake or ocean with the Geckobrands float phone dry bag. Fits nearly every phone along with your protective case and continue to fully use when protected inside.

  • Tested to submerge under water for 1 hour at 10 meter depth
  • Continue to talk, text, take pictures, play games and surf the web with your device inside.
  • Fits iPhone X/8plus6/5S/5C/4/4S, iPod and other devices with most protective cases up to 7" H x 3.5" W x .5"D
  • Not all touch screens will operate under water, but you can use the volume up button to snap pictures below the surface.
  • Lanyard included

 The success of the dry bag depends on the proper use of the seal brackets and protection from sharp objects.  Inspect the bag before each use to look for punctures, tears  and holes. We recommend testing the dry bag prior to using. Dry area inside the seal prior to removal of device. Geckobrands is not responsible for damage caused to the contents of the bag.