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Surf'SUP Colorado can teach you to Stand Up Paddleboard!

Surf'SUP Colorado's  Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding program is a great way to experience the world's fastest growing water sport. We start by addressing the water safety issues involved with SUP: the use of pfd's, reading water conditions, finding a safe launch site, how to watch out for others, and how to take care of your SUP board. 

Next, we teach you how to find your balance on your SUP: the basic stance, how to hold the paddle, how to step up on the board, and how to safely fall off your board and climb back on it. For those who are particularly apprehensive about their ability to balance on the SUP, we have a dry land training tool that simulates the motion of the board in the water so that they can experience, and get use to, the gentle side to side rocking of the SUP without the risk of falling into the water. 

Finally, we demonstrate the basic strokes that you will need to navigate your SUP in the direction you want to go: the forward stroke, how to switch sides with the paddle, the forward and reverse sweep turn, and the back paddle. Important skills such as high and low bracing are also introduced.

Then it is your turn. In knee deep water, you will practice the basic strokes while we keep the board steady as needed. As you become comfortable with the sensation of dynamic balance, we gently ease you out into deeper water and watch as you paddle away from the shoreline. 

We typically have no more than 4-6 paddlers per instructor out on the water at a time so that we can keep an eye on how everyone is doing. We will paddle alongside each participant in turn, giving individual coaching on their stance, stroke, turning, or just to check to see that they are feeling at ease on the water. Most people will stay out about an half hour for their first paddle before heading back to shore for a break. 

You may be surprised at how much more comfortable you feel on the SUP when you go out for another paddle, as the body quickly adapts to the dynamic balancing involved. We continue to observe and interact with you to answer your questions and to offer individual coaching as needed. In just 2 hours you will learn all the basic skills that you need to Surf'SUP, Colorado style.

Intro to SUP sessions are offered at two Front Range locations, at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, and Aurora Reservoir in Aurora.

SUP board, paddle, and personal flotation device are included in the package price. All you need to bring is clothing for water sports and your ALOHA spirit.

Please call 720-635-7873 to schedule a weekday Intro to SUP Lesson.

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