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Surf'SUP Colorado can teach you to Stand Up Paddleboard!
Surf’SUP Colorado's Stand Up Paddleboard Instruction Program

All SurfSUP Colorado Stand Up Paddleboard courses are supervised by instructors certified by the American Canoe Association’s National Paddlesports Instruction Program. This program has been acknowledged as the premier paddlesports education program throughout the U.S. and in over 30 countries. Earning an ACA’s instructor certification involves a vigorous 3 day course that requires that the candidate be able to demonstrate all the appropriate skill requirements and be able to demonstrate the ability to teach those skills. All Surf’SUP Colorado instruction is adapted from the excellent ACA SUP curriculum for our clients.

2 hour Intro to SUP Class, 1 person:   $60.00

3 hour Intermediate SUP Class, 1 person:   $85.00
Full day Intermediate SUP Class, 1person:  $150.00

Paddle with a Pro:  Customized pricing depending on program

Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding Class

Surf'SUP Colorado's  Introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding program is a great way to experience the world's fastest growing water sport. We start by addressing the water safety issues involved with SUP: the use of a pfd (life jacket) and a leash, and how to read venue, water and weather conditions. We present the construction, components, and care of the various kinds of stand up paddleboard equipment. We address how to safely launch your SUP board and how to watch out for others and the rules of navigation.

Surf'SUP Colorado’s approach to SUP instruction focuses on the introduction of the principles of body awareness and balance, propulsion and steering, and board dynamics. This includes footwork and the basic stances, paddle grip, control, and the various paddle strokes. We address using the paddle as a rudder and as a lever for steering and for bracing. We introduce the concept of board edging as a means to assist directional control. We also teach how to safely fall off and to remount your SUP board. We also present strategies to deal with challenging wind and weather conditions and how to assist others in need.

For those who are particularly apprehensive about their ability to balance on the SUP, we have a dry land training tool that simulates the motion of the board in the water so that they can experience, and get use to, the gentle side to side rocking of the SUP without the risk of falling into the water. They may be surprised at how quickly they adapt to the dynamic balancing involved. We continue to observe and interact with you to answer your questions and to offer individual coaching as needed. In just 2 hours you can learn all the basic skills that you need to Surf'SUP, Colorado style.

Intro to SUP classes limited to 6 participants per class to ensure individual attention. They are offered at two Front Range locations, at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, and Aurora Reservoir in Aurora. A premium SUP board, paddle, leash, and personal flotation device (life jacket) are included in the package price. All you need to bring is clothing for water sports and your ALOHA spirit.
Stand Up Paddleboard Intermediate Skill Course
You’ve taken Intro to SUP 101 and you’ve rented a SUP board a few times. And now you are hopelessly falling in love with SUP. You see other paddlers that seem to effortlessly glide over the water and move around on their board like it was an extension of themselves. And you wonder, can I do that too? 
Welcome to Stand Up Paddleboarding as a water sport. The purpose of SUP 201 is to help you develop your SUP skills so that you can take your paddling to the next level, whatever that is for you. It starts with an evaluation of your current SUP skill set. We will help you evaluate your strengths to build on and weaknesses to correct. We will listen to you express your SUP dreams and desires. Whether that dream is to participate in a local race or help you prepare for ocean paddling for an upcoming trip to the waves or rivers of Kauai.
The specific course curriculum, based on ACA SUP Skills courses, will be tailored to the varying abilities and skill level of the participants. Class size is kept small to allow for a high level of individual attention. Video may be used for immediate feedback. The paddle stroke is analyzed and fine tuned to increase efficiency and power. Footwork is developed so that your movement on the board maintains edge control and balance. All the various SUP disciplines will be discussed along with the skill set required to competently and safely participate in them, whether it is flat water mastery, racing, touring, down river running, whitewater park fun, or our favorite, ocean wave riding. You will be instructed in how to self-evaluate your developing skills so that you can continue to your skill development on your own. 

Limited to 4 participants per class


Stand Up Paddleboard with a Pro

 This is your chance to design your own Stand Up Paddleboard course depending on your individual need or desire. Would you like a detailed and concentrated dive into the SUP water sport world? We can offer an ACA SUP Level 1 or 2 Skills Course. Do you want one on one coaching for the next SUP race? We have Colorado’s #1 rated women’s flatwater racer on staff. Do you want to learn a sequence of exercises that can help you be prepared for SUP surfing? Or are you looking to fine tune a fitness or yoga SUP routine? How about organizing a SUP retreat to Costa Rica or Kauai? We can help you with all of the above and more. Give us a call and tell us your SUP story and your SUP dreams. We will do everything we can to help you develop into a complete SUP waterman or waterwoman. Surf’SUP, Colorado Style.